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online therapy

Online therapy via video can be a fantastic option for many people. Attending from your own home can feel safer for some folks, and easier to manage too. Research shows it can be just as effective for a wide range of concerns, and I wouldn't offer it if I didn't fully believe in it.

However, there are some potential drawbacks that are worth considering too...

  • The internet can play up which can be frustrating. It's best if you have a strong internet connection, and use a laptop/tablet rather than a phone. 

  • You may not have a space to talk from at home that is private or even safe. The therapy won't work well if you feel you are being overheard. 

  • Because of the nature of the internet, security can never be 100% guaranteed, but I will take all reasonable efforts to protect your confidentiality.

  • Some body language is lost when we are only able to see each other on screen. It feels different when we're in the same room together. For that reason, for some concerns I may suggest working face-to-face, and if I don't have availability for this, I will attempt to refer you to someone who does. 

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