in development 2019

You know what you saw but you’re told that you’re wrong. What next? 


Each year thousands of people report seeing panthers, pumas and lynxes in the UK countryside, but the authorities insist these creatures aren’t there. This sharp new mockumentary show delves into the weird world of amateur trackers dedicated to proving the cats’ existence, and takes you on a theatrical mystery full of slippery truths, government cover-ups, eccentric characters and a father-daughter relationship that could be better. 


Big Cat will leave audiences tickled and intrigued, questioning who and what they believe about what’s really going on. A collaboration between Tara Robinson & Steven Bloomer. ​


Supported by Camden People's Theatre Seed Commission for early development (scratched at All Is True Festival) and  by space and resources from Pleasance Theatre (Litmus Fest). 


For information on some of the inspirations behind the work, listen here to writer-director Tara speaking to Faye Hatcher and big cat researcher Rick Minter on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. 

BBC Gloucestershire Big Cat Interview - Faye Hatcher, Tara Robinson, Rick Minter
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