A participatory piece created at Pegasus Theatre

Where is home if you cannot live there? 


Gliding across border after border, our migrating birds are freer than us, but still they’re disappearing. Every year our springs get quieter, as their search for a home becomes more perilous. A message is singing out, filling our skies with music, we just need to listen.


A Very British Bird Show sees three singer-performers join forces with ten 16-25 year olds to create a rich theatrical journey of larking and loss, song and silence. A joyful homage to all who make extraordinary journeys, two people are broadcasting their last radio show. They might be a cuckoo and a nightingale. 


Featuring singing, visual imagery, movement, poetry, and text freshly generated by our company of young people, we're asking what future our young people are staring at, and what it means to have a home.  

Director/Writer            Tara Robinson

Performer                    Clare Beresford

Performer                    Luke Courtier

Composer/Performer  Ellie Showering

Dramaturg                   Frauke Franz

Movement Director     Richard Court

Created by the company, with material developed with Seiriol Davies, Serena Manteghi & David Ridley. Performance 3rd June 2017 at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.

Winner of an MGC Futures Bursary Award, supported by Pegasus Theatre, and additionally funded by Arts Council England, this project has also been supported by Boundless Theatre (nee Company of Angels) & Farnham Maltings.

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